Along with music, my writing here, and my podcast work, I still have a love of screenwriting.

This section right now is currently only screenwriting resources because it was created during a time where that was my main focus, but eventually I want to populate it with all types of writing resources.

I like many other smart screenwriters, use references when we hit a wall. New writers however, might not know where to start so allow me to give you some of mine. If you want some top tier advice and reference material, then these are the links you need get started with.

John August’s Library: John August is the writer every aspiring screenwriter should be a fan of. When I first started, I used his writing database as one of my many references. Now he’s done one better and uploaded a library of each completed script (sounds familiar right?) for other writers to use as a reference. All in all, it’s an immensely valuable site for those who choose to use it right.

Screenwriter.Info : A very basic, but thoroughly helpful site that gives people the basics of the screenwriting process with an expansive glossary. I recommend this as the starter site for the aspiring writer who has ZERO idea of what to do, but is willing to learn.

The Internet Movie Script Database: The top source for film scrips hands down.

TV Writing: Another database that specializes in television pilots as well as key episodes of certain shows. A great reference site for those looking to get into television as opposed to film writing.

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