Alternative History Lesson: Rap Music and The Illuminati Part One

The Illuminati is arguably the biggest topic when it comes to conspiracy theories. There are a few articles out there breaking this whole thing down, but that shit is almost always way too long and nowhere near as interesting as the conspiracy videos on youtube.

So I have decided to give my mercifully short and hopefully entertaining breakdown of the Illuminati throughout history. First up, the complete history of the REAL Illuminati.

Illuminati Logo

The Order of the Illuminati was created Johann Adam Weishaupt, a German philosopher in 1776. The group was populated by professors, scientists, and many other intellectuals who joined in order to have a place to openly talk about their ideas outside of the oppressive eyes of the Catholic Church and corrupt Bavarian government.

The thing is the real Illuminati was actually formed in opposition of powerful organizations trying to control the world secretly… How about that?

Unfortunately, real power and influence doesn’t like to give us clues or hints to how they will rule the world. Real power and influence just does what it wants, so a year later the newly elected leader of Bavaria, Karl Theodor, decided to put into power the “Fuck the Illuminati” law and banned all secret societies. Not even ten years later, the REAL Illuminati was done.

And that is it. Everything said above is literally the only recorded confirmed existence and history of the real Illuminati.

In part two, I will focus on the beginning of the Illuminati we know today… By that I mean the FAKE Illuminati.

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