“7” is a song about the evolution of relationships and the changing of dynamics between the people in them at different points.

The first verse is more conventional in that one character is essentially serenading the other in order to help them trust their intentions in trying to move whatever the situation is these two have going on to the next level.

Second verse is almost a reverse in roles and between the two characters where the one who was serenading before is now recognizing maturation of this relationship and growing more comfortable with trusting the other person with their insecurities and overall faults.

“7” was another song from the same concept album but whereas “Mndblown” was a very specific song with a very specific narrative purpose, 7 was me simply trying to create the “crowd pleasing single” that would be a part of an artist’s regular set list.

As far as the real world production of the song, I just love Craig David (like any person with good musical taste should) so he’s been one of the artists that I’ve wanted to sample for a while and I finally feel I reached a point to where even with the sample the song is clearly it’s own thing.

Hope you enjoy.

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