It feels good to release music again.

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This was my attempt at storytelling. I’ve been really wanting to explore that lane in songwriting lately.

I’ve also been dealing with anxiety about performing for awhile, so I had an idea to make music with the sole intent of performing it live. I was really trying to got straight at my fears for better or worse. Not long after that decision, I came across a livestream of an artist filming themselves doing a live gig.

It was such calming experience that it inspired me to write a concept album about a known local act doing their last live gig and the different emotions and encounters that can come with that.

Mndblown specifically is based around the scenario that this artist’s ex and their new spouse show up to watch them perform for the last time, so the artist pulls an audible with the set list and plays a special song for their unexpected special guests that night.

I like that even though the story is told from the perspective of the artist feeling betrayed, the intent was always to paint the picture of a pretentious person willing to commit their art, but not to the person who, unlike their art, had the ability and willingness to love the artist back which caused that other perosn to simply move on.

I’m very committed to my artistic interests, but the human needs still matter too just as much if not moreso and I feel like the romanticization of being “artistic” can sometimes cause people to over-commit at times and forget about the other people and things who benefit their own well being. I guess this was my cautionary tale.

This song was really awesome to make. A little background, it was an almost instant inspiration that started with me listening to Eve’s “Let Me Blow Your Mind” for the first time in god knows how many years and basing the production around that same guitar melody.

If you’ve read this far feel free to enjoy this super private link to the original version.

About a month later, I ended up at a muscian friend’s apartment playing my music for him which was the norm. His roommate, who is a very talented multi-instrumentalist producer, comes out and through a bit of inspiration from me just begins playing along to Mndblown on a full-on church organ that they had just bought. Super trippy, but one the best experiences I’ve had in a while.

Anyways, if you listened to the orignal version you’ll see the homie, who’s name is Jackson Shepard by the way, eventually completely elevated the song with his added production. Now, with a finished version of the song better than I actually could have imagined, naturally, I sat on it for an untold space of time.

The important thing is we’re here now. More music coming. I hope you enjoyed this breakdown.

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