The Only Child

I’m mad late on this, but on November 2nd (ya boy’s birthday) I released my first full length music project. For now, relegated to soundcloud and to the designation of “mixtape” because even though I produced all but one track they are all very sample heavy and clearing samples is so much of a hassle I’d rather just leave it be until I have more pull or connections to get that done on this scale.

Regardless, this is truthfully very much my first album and feels like the culmination of everything I’d felt and learned as an artist and producer up until this point. As an artist I have to say I am proud of my evolution from simply rapping for skill and sport I guess I should say, to developing concepts and structures that allowed my music to better resonate with people.

As a producer, I’m so proud that, at least to me my style doesn’t appear to simply ride the current wave or adhere to what work as much as what inspires and works for me. When I listen to I really feel a sense of clarity and appreciation for good and very tough times that I went through making this project.

Whoever chooses to take time out of their day to listen. Just know it means the world to me.


Here’s the link to my single “Let Em In” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music along with all other platforms where music is available.

You can listen to the full project here.

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