Lift Yourself (Old Ye vs. New Ye)

This song is based on a line from Chicago artist Saba’s song “Life” that I incorrectly heard for years where he said he was modeling his whole career as if Pac was in the studio monitoring him. He really just says “modeling his career as if Pac was here.” Regardless, this inspired me to ask myself who I envisioned coaching me and telling me what was a good enough take or not. At the end of the day I never needed to think hard.

Kanye West is all around probably the biggest influence I’ve had musically, especially as I’ve started producing music. His beats are pretty much sacred to me; even the whoopity scoop poop ones. With that said, to just come up with a verse would be mad corny, so I challenged myself to write a verse in the style of the “Old Kanye” everyone claims to miss. 

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