Peng Black Girls

This song was the hardest one to make for me because there is so much sensitivity on the issue of beauty in dark skinned black women that I didn’t want it to feel badwagony or disingenuous. I don’t speak on strictly black topics often because, both I want my actions to speak more for me, and the fact that I’ve been spoiled by being mostly around positive black influences my whole life.

I’ve been able to hear about the civil rights movement from family members who were there who almost all have had long careers with easy-going retirements. As far as black women, my family elders are also majority dark-skinned black women who commanded nothing but respect from all of us. All of these things made me feel like there was nothing to be said because I figured everyone just knew already. They don’t though, and the beauty and prominence of all black women, but especially dark skinned black women does need to be addressed and celebrated. 

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