My First Artist Spotlight!

In November I was fortunate enough to be put in rotation by a local radio station Vocalo. I really can’t thank them enough and you can listen to their broadcast stream 24/7 here on their site. That alone would have been more than enough for me, but what I didn’t expect was that they would want to do an artist spotlight on me.

You can find the spotlight feature here.

It’s funny, as I take these first steps in gaining notoriety for my artistic efforts, that all I feel is relief and gratitude. The part about being noticed doesn’t mean nearly as much as someone appreciating, and yes, validating to a degree the quality of my work. I, of course, gain a great amount of personal artistic satisfaction from everything creative that I do, but sometime you want to know that it isn’t just you and your friends who think what you’re doing is good.

As much as I love my friends, I don’t believe they would ever tell me when my shit is garbage. For the record, that is not an insult to them, but a compliment to their loyalty and care for me which I’ll appreciate and adore about them as long as I live.

End of the day, I’m trying to make something out of all of this work I’m putting in and I’m eternally grateful to Vocalo for really being one of the first media entities to let me know I’m not [that] crazy.

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