Japanese Time Epilogue

This is year has been a lot fun and frustration when it comes to making music. I personally feel I’ve coasted for the most part off the strides I made simply embracing music. I’m not happy about it because I know I should be doing more in every aspect. One thing I am proud of is while working on new original material, I decided to stay busy doing mixtape style verses for lower key artists I really appreciate.

I think I’m good for now after this last verse and I couldn’t have imagined a better song. Japanese Time is an odd, but very dope, electronic pop song by Rainsford. I’m not even going to act like I know much about her, but this song is pretty amazing to me. Her vocals are the perfect balance between firm and airy almost to the point of listlessness and the chorus rings in your ears long after the song ends. I had this one repeat for awhile, so please listen once you get a chance.

As far as where I come in, during my repeat listening session, I couldn’t shake how amazing the instrumental breakdown was at the end of the song (Even better when accompanied by the quirky dance in the official music video) so eventually I extended the ending, and after months on and off writing and rewriting, I came up of with something I think you guys might like. Enjoy.


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