Make Me Prelude

Usher is a legend.

His song U Make Me Wanna is-

There’s no point describing that song or it’s impact. I know all the words to the song. You know all the words to the song. It still slaps to this day and is beyond influential.

Bridge knew he was fucked the moment he committed to using that hook to pay homage.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been a fan of Bridge for a little under a decade. I first found out about him from one of his earlier songs “Whisky.” I believe he had another song I love called Havana back in the day, but that was all I had heard for the most part before hearing his song Make Me by chance.

Bridge’s Make Me is not a remake of Usher’s song. I don’t really know if I would call it a reimagining either. It is a completely different song. Bridge has a low key vibe in general as an artist, but this minimalistic masterpiece is a true example of how being lowkey most certainly does not mean less effective. This song is hypnotic and his lyrics, while rhythmically spaced, are clever and the structure the work of a true expert.

As mentioned before, Bridge knew if he staked the song on Usher’s hook even one bit he would be fucked. Instead, off the strength of his talent, the verses both grab you and keep your interest to the point where once the hook arrives it is a welcome crowd-pleasing addition that does not get old. The production on this was absolutely top notch and all around this is a great lesson in how to pay homage while still making something that is your own.

As is the case these days, I was inspired by the vibe to do a verse reminiscent of the Rick Ross feature videos he used to post occasionally not just for Devil in a New Dress of also for Hold on We’re Going Home and even the Angels Remix back in the day.

Ross always kills features. Hopefully, I at least maimed this one.


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