Alternative History Lesson: Rap Music and the Illuminati Part Four

Now I know about all the shit said by Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and of course the infamous “Illuminati” track from Prodigy, pun intended.

In a nutshell, ALL of their claims were inspired by Black Muslim beliefs crossed with Nesta Webster’s bullshit. I respect all of those guys I mentioned greatly, but in their eyes, the Illuminati was essentially just a new name for “The Man.”

There were always nods to conspiracy lore in rap that call back to the culture’s afro-centric roots. This new era of conspiracy in rap music comes from an entirely different place though and I’m going correct every claim and draw back the curtains on not just the conspiracies themselves, but the people behind them.

For me, this all started in 2007 when I came across this video.

This video was hilarious to me until I saw that people actually believed this guy. The thing is the song used is a remix of Jay-Z’s song “Lucifer” made by DJ Dangermouse. This edit takes words said at different times with different context in the original song and splices them together purposely to pay homage to the 60’s when parents thought you could hear subliminal messages by playing Beatles records backwards.

When you play the song forward it sounds like this:

It sounds like cool gibberish with a screwed beat and all the “murder, murder, 666” is purposely intended as satire.

Next came the Jay-Z Deception. The Jay-Z Deception was a youtube documentary created by a guy named Forerunner777. Forerunner is a devout Seventh Day Adventist hellbent on spreading false doctrine by way of conspiracy videos.

You see the key to this era of conspiracy is ignorance. The majority of rap fans are not educated on religious iconography or even what certain religious beliefs actually are, so people like that asshole pastor (who also thinks Color Me Badd was a ploy by demons to make as many girls as possible lose their virginity… Seriously.) use their knowledge of the bible to get their congregation involved and exploit their fears for personal gain.

A great example of this would be calling someone a “satanist.”

I want to start off by saying that I am not a member or affiliated in any way with any of these belief systems and I DO NOT BELIEVE OR SUPPORT THEIR CLAIMS.

SatanismA lot of conspiracy theorists love to call rappers satanists and lump that in with the Illuminati often pointing out imagery and/or performances as satanic rituals that are done in public to please the group. The problem with this is that these people have no understanding of what satanism is.

There are multiple belief systems associated with satanism and all of them have one thing in common: They don’t worship an evil deity. The “All hail the dark lord Satan!” death metal listening disciples you think of when you hear the word “satanic” don’t exist.

People who worship Satan within of the context of the bible interpret the bible differently and instead believe that Satan was a being that looked to educate humanity and was punished by a god that simply wanted to rule over humanity.

Forerunner likes to accuse Jay-Z specifically of being a Luciferian as if Luciferians worship a dark lord. The actual truth is that Luciferians do not even belief in Satan. Followers worship Lucifer as a fallen angel once again punished for trying to be the guiding light for humanity a lot like Prometheus in Greek mythology. Luciferians are urged to educate themselves, keep positive morals, and are against violent acts.

The most prominent Satanists  in the USA come from the Church of Satan which started in the 60’s. Anyone who actually looks up the beliefs of this church would be surprised to find that members don’t even believe Satan or God exist in the first place. God and Satan are used as metaphors for the lifestyle a person chooses, God representing servitude while Satan represents individuality and self indulgence. Followers are encouraged to think for themselves and live the way they want as long as they don’t interfere with anyone else’s life.

And that’s the REAL truth of Satanism in rap music. People are full of shit and have agendas because at the end of the day, no one gives a shit what some guy on youtube or that asshole pastor has to say, but people give a shit what Jay-Z says which is the problem for these guys.

The fear of rap’s influence is what helped start the current wave of this FAKE Illuminati stuff. More truth to come in part five.

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