Nowhere To Run: Harlem World Edition


Last year was the first year I got into Spotify. One of the first artists I came across was Ryan Trey. The guy is young but easily has one of the brightest futures that an up and coming artist could hope for. Versatile as hell able to sing and rap on par with any top tier artist on both ends and a solid co-sign by industry regular Bryson Tiller means Trey is in the driver’s seat when it comes to his career.

Ryan and Bryson’s single “Nowhere To Run” though hit me in a different way. Trey’s mellow intro and Bryson’s harmonizing wordplay set the stage perfectly for Trey’s standout verse that truly highlights just how deep his abilities and musical knowledge really goes.


All of these factors and the way the beat helps frame everything really took me back personally to that Harlem World Bad Boy Era, so I decided to really go there which a was a welcomed challenge for me in constructing my verse.

Plus after listening to my last project, I could stand to be a bit flyer in my lyrics.

I hope you all like what I did, but please if anything, give the original a listen as well.



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