Surface Prelude


Last year I started really getting into listening to new music again and came across Etta Bond’s Surface. The original song is soothing with the lead guitar keeping the beat grounded against the subtle synths (alliteration!) while also complimenting Etta’s tirelessly practiced and perfected but effortlessly performed vocals.

… But back to those synths though.

I couldn’t help from the moment I first heard the song but be caught up in the electronic intro to the song. It had such a warm tone and build that gives the slightest preview of the constant rhythmic builds present in the full song. So like most of the “beats” I use. I had to loop it. Once I did, my lyrics were pretty natural. Unfortunately, I found the speed a little too slow for what I was saying so I did cheat and ramp up the speed. Nonetheless, here is the Surface Prelude, but regardless of whether or not you like what I did with it. Please give Etta Bond and her new album He’s Not Mine/He’s Mine a listen. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


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