Music And Being Me

I’ve been making music for about 5 years. I was ashamed of it for 4 years.


There’s a stigma and image, especially in this fame heavy time period, about anyone that makes music and I never wanted to be seen that way. I was extremely self conscious because well the same reason everyone else is so I always tried to make music a separate secret life I lived.

Truth be told, I’m too old to give a fuck about that type of stuff and the more I’ve told people I care about, the more I’ve learned I need the trust them because they’ve alway received it well and why wouldn’t they? They care about me and vice versa.

So I’m done separating myself from the music I make, because honestly, my music is more me than just about anything I’ve ever done in my life.

I rap under “Nick.”

You can hear my music here:

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