What’s Up?


How goes it with you guys?

That’s great to hear!


I’m… well… let me explain.

I recently took down everything on this site in hopes of reintroducing a new improved living portfolio. What happened was, I saw a lot of frankly lazy errors in grammar and just cringeworthy emotion-filled posts that were all products of a younger more scatter-brained guy with good intentions. Back then, I was happy to sit on the perceived accomplishments of a few cool interviews I had and the scripts I’d written that for the most part were way past the expiration point of showing off.

I had progressed. I just wasn’t aware of how much.

The result of that revelation was an empty site for months with no guidance because, the more I proofread and polished posts, the more I realized I didn’t want them back on the site. It wasn’t that they were all horrible. They were just written for a site that had a purpose I wasn’t interested in anymore.

I’m still a writer to my core. My dedication to my craft is inked on my arm for life as a permanent symbol that I’ll happily be buried with when the time comes. The difference now is I no longer need that to define me.

Overtime being on my own, my interests have expanded quite a bit. I’ve met so many beautiful people who have influenced me so much, that a site about writing and movies just doesn’t cut it anymore. Select scripts and my interviews will be available for those interested, but as far as the concept and intent of the site goes, I simply think it’s time it lives up to its namesake.


Stay tuned.

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